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Not only shareholders or investors may access our documents. Here you will find information freely available to any interested party.

1. Contact mechanisms with the liable party:

  1.1 Particular section

a. Particular section on the home page of the website of the liable party

  1.2 Mechanisms for citizen information:​

       a. Physical spaces for contact with the liable party

       b. Landline and mobile telephones, toll-free lines and fax

       c. Institutional email

       d. Physical or postal mail assigned by the party

       e. Link to the Form for applications, requests, complaints, claims and reports


 1.3 Physical location, offices or regional branches, working hours and days 

    Email for legal notices:

a. Location of the liable party.

b. Physical location, offices or regional branches.

c. Working hours and days to public.

d. Link to the contact details of the branches or regionals.


 1.4  Email for legal notices:

a. Available in the particular section of transparency.

b. Available in the footer of the main page.

c. Available in the section of attention to citizenship.

d. Con acuse de recibido al remitente de forma automática:

 1.5 Website information security and personal data protection policies


2. Relevant information

2.1 Open data publication

a. Publish Open data on its website generated by the liable party.

Indice de información publica reservada y registros de activos de información.

b. Publish Open Data

2.2 Studies, research and other publications

2.3 Public Calls (Contracting and Calls for Meetings)

2.4 Frequently Asked Questions

2.5 Glossary

2.6 News

2.7 Schedule of activities

2.8 Information for children and adolescents

2.9 Relevant information


3. Organizational structure and human talent:

3.1 Mission and vision

3.2 Responsibilities and duties:

a. Funciones y deberes de acuerdo con su norma de creación o reestructuración.

3.3  Processes and procedures:

a. Procesos y procedimientos para la toma de decisiones en las diferentes áreas.

3.4  Organization chart:

a. Organizational structure of the entity.

b. Publicado de manera gráfica y legible, en un formato accesible y usable.

c. Descripción de la estructura orgánica, donde se dé información general de cada división o dependencia.

3.5  Public Servants, Employees and Contractors Information Directory

a. Full names and surnames.

b. Country, Region and City of birth.

c. Academic training.

d. Work and professional experience.

e. Job, position or activity performed (En caso de contratistas el rol que desempeña con base en el objeto contractual).

f. Dependencia en la que presta sus servicios en la entidad o institución 

g. Institutional email address.

h. Institutional Phone number.

i. Escala salarial según las categorías para servidores públicos y/o empleados del sector privado.

j. Objeto, valor total de los honorarios, fecha de inicio y de terminación, cuando se trate contratos de prestación de servicios.

3.6  Entity Directory


3.7  Directory of members, associations and other interest groups

3.8   Job offers


4. Regulations:

  • 4.1 National liable parties must publish:

                a.  Single Sectorial Regulatory Decree

                b. Un-compiled decrees

                c. Single sectorial regulatory decree published in a format that facilitates text search

                d. Single sectorial decree, any and all references to laws

               e. Single sectorial decree (Hyperlinks referring to all acts that add, amend or repeal any of its provisions)

               f. Legal decisions declaring invalid sections of the single decree

               g. Single regulatory information system - SUIN (Reference to the standard hosted in that system)

               h. Circular resolutions or other type of general administrative acts (Bancóldex does not issue administrative acts).

  • 4.2 Territorial liable parties must publish their rules considering the following parameters:

                a. List of available regulations

                b. Information organized by type of standard, subject matter and date of issue

                 c. Standards to be published within 5 days following their issuance

5. Budget:

          5.1 General budget

          5.2 Historical annual budget execution

          5.3 Financial statements

                  a. Estados financieros para los sujetos obligados que aplique.

6. Planning:

  • 6.1 Policies, guidelines and handbooks:

                a. Sectorial and institutional policies and guidelines as appropriate

                b. Handbooks as appropriate

c. Sectorial and institutional strategic plans as appropriate

           6.2 Public Expenditure Plan (Action Plan)

​                         a. Objectives

                         b. Strategies

                         c. Projects

                         d. Goals

                         e. Stakeholders

                         f. General Procurement Plans

                         g. Budget distribution of investment projects along with investment indicators (Bancóldex does not manage investment projects)

                         h. Disaggregated budget with modifications 

           6.3  Implementation programs and projects​

           6.4 Goals, objectives and management and/or performance indicators​:

a. Goals, objectives and management and/or performance indicators​

           6.5 Involvement in policy-making (Bancóldex is not a public policy maker)

           6.6 Splice reports

7. Control

a. Report to the congress/assembly/council

b. Fiscal accountability report to the Comptroller General of the Republic or territorial control bodies

c.  Accountability to Citizens Report

d. Report to inspection, surveillance and control bodies:

  • 7.2  Internal control reports

                                   7.3.1   Improvement Plan signed with the Comptroller General of the Republic - CGR

                                                                                               2017 Term

                                7.3.2   Monitoring the improvement plan signed with the Comptroller General of the Republic - CGR  

                                            Progress as of December 31, 2019 - 2017 Term

                                 7.3.3   Improvement plan signed with the General Archive of the Nation - AGN

                                                                                              2018 Term                                      

                                    7.3.4   Monitoring the improvement plan signed with the General Archive of the Nation - AGN

Progress as of June 30, 2020

 Progress as of March 31, 2020

 Progress as of December 31, 2019                               


 b Link to the control body website where there are reports on the entity prepared by such body

                        a. List of all entities monitoring the liable party

                        b. Internal and external monitoring, notification and surveillance mechanisms applicable to the liable party

  c. Indicate, at least, the type of control executed whether internal or external (Bancóldex has the following type of control.

1. External: Tax Auditing Office and other control bodies that govern us – Financial Superintendence, Comptroller General of the Republic, etc.- and 2. Internal: Internal Audit)

  • 7.5 ·Information for vulnerable populations:


8. Recruitment

          8.1 Contract information publication

                      a.Contract management information through public resources in SECOP (Bancóldex’ contract regime is governed by private law. Such contracts have not been filed during 2019).

          8.2 Contract execution publication

                       a. Supervisor’s or controller’s approvals, authorizations, requirements or reports evidencing contract execution (The monitoring body is regulated in the Goods and Services Procurement Management Handbook)

          8.3 Publication of procurement / purchasing procedures, guidelines and policies

                        a. Recruitment Handbook containing procurement / purchasing procedures, guidelines and policies

          8.4 Annual procurement plan publication

                        a. Annual Procurement Plan - APP

                        b. Link to the APP published in SECOP (Bancóldex is not required to publish its APP in SECOP)

9. Procedures and services

  • Parties required to register their procedures in the single information system - SUIT: As a banking establishment and a partially government-owned company, the Bank does not carry out administrative functions, so it does not have procedures registered in SUIT

  • Services provided directly to the public:

10. Public information management tools:

                     a. Excel format and available in open data​

                     b. Available at:

c. - h.  Documentary Information Asset Register

                      i. Information Asset Register

                      j. Adopted and updated by administrative act or equivalent document 

  • 10.3 Classified and Reserved Information Index                            

                     a. - o.   Classified and Reserved Information Index

                      i.  Available at:

                      j. Adopted and updated by administrative act or equivalent document  

  • 10.4 Information Publication Scheme

​                    a. - i. Information publication scheme

                    j. Participatory procedure to adopt and update the Publication Scheme

                    k. Adopted and updated by administrative act or equivalent document       

  • 10.5 Documentary Management Program

                     a. Plan to facilitate the identification, management, classification, organization, conservation and availability of public information


                     b. Adopted and updated by administrative act or equivalent document

  • 10.6 Documentary Retention Tables

​                      a. List of series and their corresponding types of documents

                      b. Adopted and updated by administrative act or equivalent document

  • 10.7  Publication register

                       a.   Register of publications containing documents published under Law 1712

                       b.   Automatically Available

​                       a. Costs of Public information reproduction.

                       b. Administrative act or equivalent document where the unit cost is individually explained

                         (Bancóldex does not issue administrative acts)

                           a. Report on received requests, complaints, claims, grievances and applications for access to information and response times, along with a summary analysis in this regard: 

                             b. Specific report on public information requests, discriminating at least the following information: b. Number of requests received. c. Number of requests that were transferred to another institution. d. Response time for each requests. e. Number of applications where  access to information was denied

11  Passive Transparency

​            11.1 Means to monitor the status of public information requests

                      a. Inform the requesting party about the ways they may follow up on their request by assigning a tracking number or code

            11.2 Form to receive public information requests (General requirements).

                        a. Authorization to be used by children and adolescents

                        b. Field validation

                        c. Grants

                        d. Public information requests with reserved identity

                        e. Type of request

                        f. Applicant type

                        g. First name

                        h. Middle Name (optional)

                        i. Last name

                        j. Second Surname (optional)

                        k. ID Type

                        l. ID number

                        m. Business name

                        n. T.I.N

                        o. Country

                        p. Region

                        q. Municipality

                        r. Address

                        s. Email

                        t. Landline number

                        u. Mobile phone number

                        v. Contenido de la solicitud

                        w. Files or documents

                        x. Option to choose the way to give the answer

                         y.  Information on possible response costs

 12 Web Accessibility

12.1 Alternative format for ethnic and cultural groups

12.2 Accessibility for the population with disabilities in everything related to electronic media


 13 Habeas Data     

 13.1 Law 1581 of 2012 - Personal Data Protection (registration of its databases in the National Database Registry before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce)

a. ¿La entidad realizó la inscripción de sus bases de datos, en el Registro Nacional de Base de Datos (RNBD) ante la Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio de acuerdo a lo establecido en la Ley 1581 de 2012 y  en el Decreto Único Reglamentario 1074 de 2015?

Note: For more information, contact

b. ¿La política de tratamiento de la información publicada en al página web contiene la identificación y datos de contacto del responsable del tratamiento, el área o persona encargada de la atención de reclamos y consultas, y el procedimiento para que los titulares ejerzan su derecho a conocer, actualizar, rectificar y suprimir información y revocar la autorización, de conformidad con la Ley 1581 de 2012 y el Decreto Único Reglamentario 1074 de 2015?

c. En caso de que se recolecten datos personales a través de la página web (a través de casillas de información, formularios, etc.) ¿están publicadas en la página web, o se comunican a las personas que navegan la página web, las finalidades para las cuales son recolectados esos datos?

d. ¿La entidad solicita la autorización previa, expresa e informada, cuando recolecta datos personales a través de la página web, en los supuestos que no están cubiertos por la excepción de solicitud de autorización del artículo 10 de la Ley 1581 de 2012?

e. ¿La página web está protegida con un protocolo de seguridad, como el de transferencia de hipertexto "https" o similar, que otorgue un nivel de seguridad a la información que se trata a través de la página web?:

Esta información se encuentra en la barra de navegación a la derecha, haciendo clic en Certificado SSL




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