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  •  What requirements does Bancoldex demand for allocating resources?

The documents needed to apply for credit are established by each financial institution credit policy. Bancoldex specific conditions to access credit lines are detailed in each regulatory note. Due to our legal nature, Bancoldex is not the institution that established the requirements to allocate resources to the credit beneficiary; the financial intermediary chosen by the beneficiary to process his/her application is responsible for the credit application review and approval.

  • What interest rate does Bancoldex offer?

The interest rate will depend on the type of credit and the term that applies to each client’s needs. The interest rate specified by Bancoldex is called the rediscount rate, which is the interest rate Bancoldex charges the financial institution where the client decides to apply for credit. In turn, the financial intermediary includes a few additional points and it is them who determine the final rate for the credit user.

  • If I have been reported to credit bureaus, can I still apply for credit?

Policies to  grant credit are determined by each financial institution. If you are in arrears at the time you apply for credit, you should contact your financial institution directly. They will guide you on how to proceed in this regard.

  • What is Bancoldex’ credit term?

Terms may vary depending on the credit line covering the client’s financial need and considering that the final decision will be evaluated and negotiated between the client and the financial intermediary.

  • Where can I get information about Bancoldex' products and services?

Bancoldex has the following customer service and information channels:

       - Customer service and support line: Multicontacto Bancoldex Customer Service Line: Telephone line in Bogotá (+57 1) 7420281, Toll-free national line 018000180710

       - Contact-us Mailbox: You will be able place any information request you need about Bancoldex’ products and services by writing to our email

       - Representative Branches: Clients may receive information about products and services from Bancoldex officers who are part of the commercial team and the bank’s representative branches located in different cities of the country. This information is located at the top of the website, under Customer Service Channels link.

       - Website: In addition to accessing information about Bancoldex, its products and services, you may also contact us through the option Contact Us or through the chat box. They are located at the top of the website or in the link of customer service channels.

       - Social Media: These are the digital platforms where you can follow us, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bancoldex YouTube Channel or Linkedin. You may find information about Bancóldex’ products and services. The links are located at the top of the website in customer service channels.

  • Can I cash a check from a bank in another country at Bancoldex?

No, Bancoldex cannot carry out this type of operations due to its legal nature as a second-tier bank. It is suggested that you carry out these transactions with the commercial banking.

  • What is the difference between credit from Bancoldex and credit from a first-tier bank?

Bancoldex credit is first-tier disbursed credit funded by the financial intermediary with Bancoldex resources. It is important that clients interested in obtaining credit always ask the first-tier bank about the financial conditions they can have access to through a Bancoldex credit line and through a credit line with resources from the selected financial intermediary in order to decide which option better suits the clients’ needs.

  • Where should I go to get credit from Bancoldex?

To apply for credit from Bancoldex resources, clients may visit any financial intermediary, and request information to carry out the entire credit approval and disbursement process.

  • What should I take into account before applying for credit from  the financial sector?

Before applying for credit with the intermediary bank of your preference, you should ask:

       - What interest rate will I pay? Is it a fixed or variable interest rate over the term of the credit?

       - How much are the installments I will pay?

       - What is the credit term I will take?

       - What is the capital and interest amortization? How often do I have to pay the intermediary bank the value of the agreed installment (frequency)?

       - What other costs in addition to the interest rate do I have to pay when accessing credit?

       - At some point in the credit history, is it possible to change the conditions that were initially agreed on and what does it imply?

       - If I pay the full debt or make partial prepayments to the debt, does it have an additional cost and what would it be?

       - What guarantee will the financial entity demand before granting the credit and what costs are embedded in this guarantee?

  • How may I file a complaint or claim?

It is very important for Bancoldex to guarantee the reception, verification, response and follow-up of complaints and claims submitted by financial consumers through the different communication channels established by the bank. You may file a complaint at:

      - The mail window located at Bancoldex Administrative Building at Calle 28 No. 13 A 15 39th floor.

      - The Complaints and Claims mailboxes located on the 39th floor of the Administrative Building or at Bancoldex branches nationwide.

      - The Multicontacto Bancoldex customer service line in Bogotá (+57 1) 7420281 and nationwide at 018000180710

      - The Contact Us Form located at the top of this website. You may also access the form in this link.


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