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  • Bancóldex, member of the Club since 2011, is the only representative of Colombia in the group. It has financed environmental projects for more than USD 265 Million to over 4.200 Colombian companies.


  • The IDFC is a Club of 26 international development institutions, leaders in their own regions for promoting sustainable development.


  • This Club is the largest contributor of public climate finance worldwide. It provides in average more than USD 150 billon of green finance annually.


Glasgow, Scotland, November 4, 2021. Bancóldex, as the only institution representing Colombia in the IDFC (International Development Finance Club) was appointed member of its Steering Committee in Glasgow, during its CEO´s Annual Meeting, in the course of COP 26. With this nomination, the Colombian Business Development Bank will have greater participation in the joint decision-making process of one of the largest providers of climate finance globally.

Other members of this Steering Committee are the Latin-American Development Bank (CAF), the Development Bank of Brazil (BNDES), the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the German Development Bank (KFW), the French Development Agency (AFD), the China Development Bank (CDB), the Islamic Development Corporation (ICD), and the development banks of Morocco, Turkey and South Africa.

“Bancóldex has been a fundamental ally in building and strengthening the IDFC, contributing from its vision as the business development bank of Colombia, thus we are thrilled to receive Bancóldex as member of this Steering Committee where we know it will continue contributing to solve the great challenges of the sustainable development financing”, pointed Rémy Rioux, IDFC Chair and President of the AFD.

Since 2011, year in which it joined the Club, Bancóldex has played an active role in the exchange of experiences and has participated in dialogues for the contribution to the global sustainable development agenda via financing. Since then, it has strengthened its portfolio to reduce the negative impacts of companies on the environment and promoted mitigation and adaptation projects to climate change in the Colombian private sector.

Javier Díaz Fajardo, president of Bancóldex, emphasized that “the participation of Bancóldex in this committee is strategic because it allows us to raise the conversation of Colombia on sustainable financing with the most important stakeholders in sustainable development and climate change in the world. This will help us consolidate Bancóldex as an ally to meet the goals proposed in the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda”.


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