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Conecta is a business development path where Bancóldex, together with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, seeks to improve the management, performance and competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium-size Enterprises – MSMEs through knowledge transfer focusing on sustainability issues in different cities in the country..

It is also a space to generate value connections for the attending companies to strengthen their business and access expert knowledge, to generate sustainable strategies and visualize new growth opportunities.







Conecta is a digital experience developed by Bancóldex and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism which aimed to strengthen knowledge and foster networking for SMEs in order to give them some tools that are going to be of greater use during the economic and productive reboot. 

  • Inspiration phase: digital transformation, cash flow management,  biosecurity and, self-care culture were the main topics of this learning digital experience in hand with top experts.

  • Action phase: 10 hours of working with an expert aiming to improve the actual state of the business in two main matters, cash flow management and, digital transformation.

  •  Financial & Business round table: virtual space that allowed the creation of networking between companies and financial allies.




Who may attend Conecta?

Conecta is an exclusive event which selects only ninety (90) MSMEs from each region. These MSMEs must have growth potential, be legally incorporated and have interests in economic, social and environmental sustainability issues.

20 out of the 90 participating companies will be selected to receive individual support by experts in order to generate sustainable strategies and visualize new growth opportunities.


What does Conecta include?  

It is two days to access specialized knowledge and generate value connections.

The first day focuses on management training cycles, where companies are updated on topics such as business sustainability including environmental, social and economic management concepts, as well as the benefits and steps to become BIC partnerships*; business innovation covering concepts, tips and tools for implementing innovation within organizations; and financial growth encompassing concepts, analysis tools and tips for improving financial management.

Afterwards, attendees may attend a relationship day with businessmen, financial entities and strategic partners from the region.


How can companies apply?

Application links will be made available in each city where Conecta will take place. The company must fill out all the information in order to be considered as an applicant.


Which cities does Conecta take place in?

In its first version, the Business Development Path started in Ibagué, Tunja, Pasto, Montería, Cúcuta, Valledupar and ended in Villavicencio.

Once we have a new version of Conecta, the bank will be announcing it.


*Any company that combines the advantages of its commercial and economic activity with concrete actions to promote the well-being of its workers, contribute to the country’s social equality and contribute to the environmental protection.e


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